The announcement was made by Socialist MP Maria da Luz Rosinha.

The last renewal of the state of emergency took effect from 00:00 on 31 January and runs until 23:59 on 14 February.

The agenda for the plenary session of 11 January was already reserved to discuss and vote on the next renewal of the state of emergency, which should extend until 23:59 on 28 February.

Next week, on February 18, a meeting is planned in São Bento with several schedules of bills and resolutions by the various parties.

Among the debates scheduled for that day will be two parliamentary examinations of government decrees requested by the CFP, one on assistance to families with dependent children during general confinement, the other on the renewal of unemployment benefits and other social benefits.

"What the CFP will propose is that support should no longer impose a cut of one third in income and be paid 100 percent to people who stay at home with their children in their care, regardless of whether someone in the household is teleworking," explained Communist parliamentary leader João Oliveira.

The other initiative concerns the automatic renewal for six months of unemployment and other social benefits not foreseen in the 2020 supplementary budget.