Absurdly in my view Direct Transport, an excellent courier between England and the Algarve in my experience, now demands customs form CN23 to be completed for each package as a result of the dictates of government and EU. This bureaucratic palaver may be something we have to get used and to accept form-filling as a price to pay for obtaining goods from outside Portugal.
However, the absurdity of demanding forms for packages that have already arrived at Andover, Direct Transport’s HQ, beggars belief. Import forms completed retrospectively, scanned and emailed to Direct Transport begs the question: how on earth will staff know which form goes with which package? Imagine the chaos, the pointlessness of the process at Direct Transport’s Andover HQ with the arrival of retrospective CN23s for hundreds of packages! The seriousness arises, however, when Direct Transport state that without a CN23 the package will remain at Andover. Would that not constitute the with-holding of goods of others and might that not be construed as theft?
I dare say post-Brexit will herald many surprises.
Peter Kent-
Baguley, Espiche