In order to carry out the different rankings, the average price of residential properties in the municipalities with more than 500 advertisements on Idealista, the largest real estate marketplace in Portugal, both for sale and for rent, per square metre (m2), between October and December 2020, as well as the average total price of the advertised houses, were considered.

“Furthermore, with the data of searches made by the users on Idealista and the contacts received by the advertisers, it is possible to compare areas with a very diverse and heterogeneous demand”, as the team of Idealista explains, detailing that “the ranking was made by points to make the perception clearer for the reader, with data from Idealista”.

The most interesting points advanced by Idealista show that Lisbon and Cascais (Greater Lisbon) are at the top of the list of the highest prices, Lisbon being in first with €4,701/m2, Cascais in second with

Analysing the total sale price (Euros), Cascais leads with the most expensive houses in the country (€764,222) followed by Loulé (€565,495) in second place.

The municipalities that received the most enquiries were Loures (northern part of Greater Lisbon) on the market for the sale of houses, and Moita (southern bank of the Tagus) on the rental market.