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EDITOR, We Brits are so required by the Atlantic Coast and Mediterranean EU countries our pound is entwined in their economies yet we have been given the “You wanted it you sort it treatment” and no real access agreement. That was going to be so from the off.

We voted to leave a club, member's for 40 years, paid huge contributions, a decision based on lies, misinformation and ignorance. Remember what EEC means “European Economic Union” no mention of Politics or “United States of Europe” - a German dream sucked up to by France - well I hope Germany can afford it.

We left on a vote so small it could have been changed by the weather - by no means “the will of the people” - even Trump needed a 60% vote - where is Farage now? - we were 52 percent to 48 on a 72 percent turnout - madness.

Whilst members we should have used our veto, as De Gaulle when we wanted to join, get others on the “no politics and central laws argument” not throw our toys out the pram and go off on a lonely trail.

There are no winners in all this mess. Come on you holiday EU countries join hands crush the Political central grip dump centre based laws and its unbalanced gigantic expenditure budget -stand up and be counted - have “free movement and trade” and invite Britain back.

Charging us to pay tax on importing second hand furniture we own and food we have bought at home will only result in retaliatory action with us playing the same stupid game as you are. That will pall into insignificance for a family of 4 needing to buy annual visas for each EU country per person annually for 2 to 300 Euros each - we just won’t or rather can’t come.

DICK SMITH East England and Algarve

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