Clean up the The Algarve

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EDITOR, How do we start a campaign to ‘Clean up The Algarve’ It really is disgusting !!

Dog poo everywhere on the pavements and paths. Graffiti on newly painted walls. And rubbish everywhere, from general rubbish to fly tipping... why why why .. there are bins everywhere. The Algarve is supposed to be one of the best places to visit or live. If things don’t change it won’t be on a top spot for long.


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The dog poo problem isn't a problem with the owners, it is simply the fact that there is SO many abandoned dogs, stray dogs in Portugal (so no-one to pick up after them). Open your eyes, Portuguese are terrible with aminals...

By Capucine Chaussinand from Algarve on 13-02-2021 01:27

Whilst I applaud the responsible dog owners in my area , there are obviously many owners whom are completely irresponsible clearly evidenced by the huge amount of dog mess in and around Luz. It is frankly disgusting that whilst walking one has to continually dodge the mess . Will the council please take control of this problem , compulsory use of leads in the town and meaningful fines for those whom disregard the law. Luz has a beautiful beach which is a dog fouling area for hundreds of dogs every day. We need clear rules for dog owners that are enforced on a daily basis to clean up the area .
Unleashed dogs are a problem , I know of 3 people whom have been attacked by dogs in the surrounding area . This is not acceptable In this day and age .

By Nigel Walmsley from Algarve on 12-02-2021 08:43

I totally agree. The dog poo situation is not as bad as a few years ago but it is still terrible. As for graffiti places like Olhao are so ugly to drive through. In UK some councils have graffiti teams which will paint over this mess within 24hrs of it being reported. Put some young offenders to work on this?

By Tom Peters from Algarve on 12-02-2021 08:02
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