In 2020, the brand sold 13,800 tonnes of Algarve oranges, contributing to the sustainability and development of the regional economy.

All oranges available at Continente stores are oranges from the Algarve, including the oranges made available at juice machines inside the stores, as well as natural orange juice for sale at BAGGA cafeterias.

According to Continente, the Clube de Produtores Continente (CPC), in partnership with its producers, guarantees that the best agricultural practices are used in the groves of the Algarve.

The two thousand hectares of orange groves are distributed between Tavira and Silves and belong to about 100 producers that make up the four Producer Organizations Member of the Clube de Produtores Continente. Algarve oranges have IGP certification - Protected Geographical Indication - which certifies that the product has a certain quality, reputation or other characteristics that can be essentially attributed to its geographical origin.

Ondina Afonso, president of the CPC, says that “the security we feel about the quality of the oranges in the Algarve grown by our producers, allowed us to diversify the offer through the availability of orange juice from the Algarve in our stores, precisely at a time when our customers are looking for food that can boost their immunity.”

Continente, through the technicians of the Producers’ Club, works daily with national producers, investigating and selecting the best products to meet the needs of its customers.