The author, Heather Rodino is a writer and editor who has worked for many years in the publishing industry and has written several books.

Many people live in apartments and/or do not have gardens. So the next best thing is to own houseplants. The author says it best “plants have demonstrated therapeutic value, clean the air, and are an affordable way of decorating, adding beauty to your home, and making even the smallest rented space feel like your own’.

The advice is straightforward as she explores problems, pests, diseases, watering tips and even growing conditions. This book is particularly great for novices as there are many tips and great how- to sections .I am sure this engaging book will be used as a reference many times over for new and experienced gardeners alike.

I like the fact that there is a photo of each plant which helps you when author mentions the name. It is by no means a definitive guide but it’s a compact useful book to add to your collection.

This is an enjoyable read with great images and photos. Rodino writes with humour and I found the book easy to follow. I thought it was well researched and organised.

This is a great book to accompany you on your plant journey and help keep you motivated. It will also make a great gift for family or friends who are plant lovers.