This has given a lot of people the time to take stock, and to really think about what they value and need from life. If you are limited in scope to your immediate surroundings due to travel restrictions, then it makes sense that those surroundings be as conducive to the ‘good life’ as you can make them. A great many people will be hatching plans for a new life, elsewhere – spurred on by these hothouse conditions in which the mind can travel where the body can’t.

Portugal has an enormous amount of potential if you are one of those people thinking of making a move and it frequently garners a mention in polls to find the top retirement spots in Europe. Here in the Algarve, quality of life is paramount. Here are a few ideas that might persuade you to stay.

First of all, the weather: few things can have such an effect on us, mentally and emotionally, on a daily basis than the local climate. The summers are of course warm, with sunshine being guaranteed, but perhaps even better than that are the mild winters. When you can sit out on your terrace in January wearing short sleeves, yet still have to dash inside to find your sunglasses, then you know that winter will be a breeze. The temperatures are mild and rarely dip under 10 °C – for an ex-resident of South Africa like myself, that’s a huge bonus.

If you are a fan of outdoor activities and sports, the Algarve has much to offer – facilitated by the year-round great weather. It’s an absolute world-class destination for water sports, the Atlantic swell being a great attraction to surfers looking to catch a wave, far livelier than the staid Mediterranean. The famous Nortada winds blow during the summer months, which have helped to make the area a big hit with the sailing fraternity and, more recently, among the kite surfers. But if your idea of fun is resolutely based on terra firma, there are some exceptional opportunities for golf – 31 different opportunities to be exact; many with the most spectacular coastal views.

In terms of finances, the cost of living here is very attractive indeed – with an average two-bedroom flat being priced from €150,000, you can get a lot more for your money than in the big cities of Lisbon and Porto. If you are in the market for a ‘fixer-upper’ you will find some real bargain properties in the more remote areas, just so long as you are willing to put the work in.

The Algarve is a relatively compact area and east to west is not much more than a 2hour drive in all, but there is a great deal of history and diversity across its territory. From Sagres in the far west to Tavira in the east, one can find areas of outstanding natural beauty, utterly peaceful and calm, and also the buzzing nightspots that bring tourists flocking from all over the world. There is a wealth of experience open to anyone thinking of coming to relocate in Portugal’s Algarve, and a quality of life that has been seen to be world-beating. Come and discover for yourself how good life can be.

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