At the fortnightly press conference of the Civil Protection District, in Loulé, in the district of Faro, the regional health delegate stated that the region is going through a “good time” with a “drop in the number of cases”.

Ana Cristina Guerreiro also revealed that, in the last 24 hours, there were "106 new cases" and "seven deaths" in the Algarve.

There are “185 inpatients in the region, 30 in intensive care units (ICU)”, of which 12 are ventilated, said the official.

Ana Cristina Guerreiro said that, in the Algarve, the peak of cases occurred on “26 January”, classifying that as the “worst day” of this third wave.

The regional health delegate also indicated 4 February as the worst day for hospitals but added that "since that time the pressure has been eased, albeit slowly".

The official was also concerned about the situation in nursing homes, where outbreaks are still registered, with currently “561 cases in the Algarve, mainly in residents, but also in some employees”.

Ana Cristina Guerreiro also reported on a new outbreak that appeared in the Public Security Police (PSP) team that “supports the airport” with “six confirmed cases”, but which led to the confinement of other “15 professionals” in a team of about “30 people”.

President of the Regional Health Administration (ARS), Paulo Morgado, also pointed out that there is a “decrease in the number of patients admitted to the ICU and infirmary” in hospitals and that the current number of Rt in the region is at “0.75, a value never reached before”, he stressed.

"We are in a phase of sharp decrease in the number of cases that I hope will continue," he said, considering it essential to maintain measures to combat covid-19,thus "reducing the pressure from health services".

As for the vaccination process, the leader revealed that the Algarve received “11,000 vaccines”, and “more than 5,000 people have been vaccinated”, having started the vaccination of people over 50 with associated diseases and for those who are more than 80 years old in two parts of the region, which will be extended to "seven next week".

The vaccination of the "600 firefighters in the region", included in this first phase, is scheduled for today, followed by the weekend of almost 750 military personnel from the Republican National Guard and then more than 500 members of the region's PSP, he announced.

Regarding the vaccination process, the regional health delegate highlighted the importance of vaccinating “the entire population present in the territory”, even people who are deemed to be “illegal” because she considers this “essential” in not having “a gap” so that “all can be protected ”.