Re: Siberian Winters

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EDITOR, Do you think Mr. Smith now regrets his comments? I agree totally with Jeanette from last weeks edition.

In my 27 years experience of living in Portugal, all I can say is “Live as the Portuguese do”. We have had our fire on 5 times this winter, when the nights really did get a bit chilly. I’m talking about the Algarve, obviously our friends further north will need more. Winters are very brief, and wearing 5 layers is quite normal here while crowding around the log fire in one room. We have all had Portuguese neighbours answering the door in a scarf and bobble hat! Social media me thinks is behind the high electric bills of some foreign owners. Face calling in shorts and t-shirts while speaking to envious family and friends back home who don’t realise Portugal has a winter!! We have some lovely German 2nd home neighbours who last year on Christmas day phoned us in a panic. They had put on every heating method in the house, then switched on the oven. Next thing they were in complete darkness, the electric had tripped. We popped around to help like Michelin Men in our many layers, and they were in their summer gear. Surprise surprise they had been face talking to those back home.

JIM MAY By email.

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