This information was provided by the Mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina (PS), in the plenary session of the Municipal Assembly, taking place by videoconference.

During the presentation of the Mayor’s written information, the Mayor highlighted that the centres are being created in coordination with the Ministry of Health and are distributed throughout several areas of the city of Lisbon.

The centres will be located at the São Domingos de Benfica Parish Council, Pulido Valente Hospital, at the headquarters of the Lisbon Municipal Assembly (Av. De Roma), Manuel Castelbranco Pavilion (São Vicente), Ajuda Pavilion, Picadeiro and Altice Arena.
Fernando Medina stressed that the new equipment will allow the “vaccination of this new phase”, which began on 8 February, to cover “around 70,000 people”.

Official sources of the municipality told Lusa that there are three Family Health Units (USF) to perform the vaccination and, “when there are enough vaccines, these centres will join the three USF centres”.

There will thus be “10 units of vaccination for over 80 [years] and chronic patients over 50 [years]”.

The Mayor also said that the new equipment will have 60 nurses hired by the municipality and 40 professionals from the municipal civil protection and police forces.

“The entire operation will be supervised by doctors from the ACES [Agrupamentos de Centros de Saúde]”, added Fernando Medina.