Last year's balance sheet indicates that economic losses increased by about 17 billion Euros compared to the previous year, as stated in the annual study on meteorology and climate, in which it is estimated that more than eight thousand people have lost their lives in natural disasters.

Worldwide, there were 416 natural disasters in 2020 and 64 percent of the losses were not covered by insurance policies, "the fourth lowest percentage ever".

The biggest losses (€64 billion) were caused by tropical cyclones, while floods caused €62 billion in damage and storms around €51 billion in damage.

In Portugal, flooding in Madeira on Christmas Day caused more than €29 million worth of damage.

Storm Alpha in September caused damage of over €20 million and storm Barbara at the end of October did €57 million worth of damage spread across Portugal, Spain and France.

In Europe, it was storm Ciara, in February, which cost the continent the most, with damage totalling around 1.6 billion Euros.

Of the phenomena with the greatest impact, the flooding season in China from June to September caused around 28 billion Euros in damages, while Hurricane Laura caused 14 billion Euros worth of damage in the United States and the Caribbean and Cyclone Amphan caused 12 billion Euros worth of damage in South Asia.