Medical teams from France and Luxembourg arrive in Portugal next week

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Portugal will next week receive two medical teams from France and Luxembourg, an "important support" in the treatment of Covid-19 patients in hospitals with high intensive care pressure, the Health Ministry announced.

"The Ministry of Health accepted the offer of help from the Luxembourgian and French governments to support the treatment of patients in Portugal," said the office of Marta Temido in a statement.

According to the same source, the Luxembourg team, made up of two doctors and two nurses, will support the intensive medicine service at Espírito Santo Hospital in Évora, while the doctor and three French nursing professionals will work at Garcia de Orta Hospital in Almada.

"The teams should arrive during the week of 15 February, and a 15-day stay is expected," the Health Ministry said, stressing that this help "constitutes an important support to two hospitals that have been feeling a high pressure at the intensive care level.

In addition to these two teams, a German military medical team is already in Portugal and began treating the first patients on 8 February.

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This doesn't make any sense! How about the Thousands of doctors who have put their names forward to help state hospitals since last March, but few have been contacted? This was a recent article from Portugal News. Link below.

By Anonymous from Other on 15-02-2021 10:33

Its vaccines we need now desperately, and not corruption with the delivery.

By Karl Blore from Algarve on 15-02-2021 05:34

Lies and propaganda!


Why are you running these fear mongering outright lies and propaganda, when we all now the wuhan virus is a scam organised by Bolshevik wef and globohomo communists.

There is NO pandemic! Where are all the body’s? Why are hospitals all empty! .?

Why are you spreading fake data numbers?

Portugal news, you are going be held accountable.

This is a genocide taking place against humanity.

By Ray from Lisbon on 14-02-2021 11:38
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