The platform ( has been launched by the environmental association Zero, with the support of six other groups and aims to contribute to changing the opinions of drivers while also developing healthier cities and towns, and informing citizens and companies about electric vehicles.

According to Zero, the project also aims to promote more sustainable forms of transport, to publicise electric cars that exist in the national market (environmental and economic characteristics and advantages), giving independent information, and also to “demystify myths that still exist about electrical technology”.

The page contains, for example, a simulator which compares 100 percent electric vehicles with petrol or diesel vehicles, in terms of purchase, use, and emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide (the main air pollutants).

“The numbers show that, for the vast majority of models, 100 percent electric vehicles are more advantageous, both in terms of pollutant gas emissions, and in relation to the total costs of acquisition and use, which are comparable or even lower than those of petrol and diesel vehicles”, stresses the association.

For a private customer, the purchase and use of an electric car has the same cost as a diesel one, but if you are a business customer the costs associated with a 100 percent electric car are substantially lower than those of diesel or petrol cars. Maintenance costs are also much lower, as are electricity costs, compared to the amount you pay for fossil fuels.