Lowest ever levels of crime

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The Minister of Internal Affairs has announced that crime in 2020 registered the lowest levels in Portugal since record began, with only computer crimes rising.

In 2020 there was “a reduction of about 12 percent in general crime and a reduction of 14 percent in violent and serious crime”, said Eduardo Cabrita to the deputies of the parliamentary committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees, stressing that these figures are the lowest since the annual internal security reports began.

The official stressed that the only exception is computer crimes, such as scams, which saw “significant growth” last year.

Eduardo Cabrita also noted that the crime of domestic violence decreased by six percent in 2020 compared to 2019, having registered “a significant reduction” during lockdown due to the pandemic.

In parliament, the Minister of Internal Administration also highlighted the decrease in the number of road accidents in 2020, a year in which accidents with victims decreased by 26 percent and the number of deaths decreased by 22 percent compared to the previous year.

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Can the minister please look at the language test issue as older people who come to retire here find the language test very difficult and think they discriminate.

By Helgard Swart from Other on 19-02-2021 10:23

The notion that Portugal is a relatively crime free country is highly misleading. It is driven entirely by its unfinished 1974 'Revolution'. That still insists, all these years later, that every activity related to Defamation such as the initial Denunciation are penal (State enforced) crimes. These are the priority crimes - to be investigated (or not) by the Ministerio Publico and Police.
The briefest glance through the expat advice sites shows over the years voluminous difficulties with neighbours, professionals and their associations, public authorities - even passers by (!) et al.
Almost all involving a breach or potential breach of some EU mandated Right - so in theory being a to be registered 'crime / offence'. Even if never followed up by the relevant Regulator.
So - in a country where it can still be an offence to complain and is made even more serious by any 3rd party discussion - how, without any risk, do you object to noisy neighbours; an overcharging , under delivering builder or other 'professional'; a poorly serviced vehicle etc etc?
How can an expat 'warn off' newcomers about using the services of known miscreants, even using documented proof, if that socially useful action could be penalised ?

By Truth will out from USA on 19-02-2021 08:48
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