This book has been adapted for a new TV series and might be your next guilty pleasure. So before the show airs I thought you may want to read the book first.

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ revolves around a group of nine people who meet at Tranquillum House, a remote health resort in Australia. They are all there for different reasons including personal development; to lose weight, find a new spark for their life and to recharge their batteries. They all get much more than they bargained for.

The author, Liane Moriarty is Australian and an international bestselling author .Her book ‘Big Little Lies ‘was also adapted for TV and sold millions of copies.

The characters are eccentric and interesting and I found them all believable. At first they are in heaven at the stunning location until the rules of their stay are conveyed to them by the owner Masha. They include no electronics, no talking, no alcohol and limited food. Their interactions are amusing. Masha seems to have her own agenda. They will all be faced with the past, old decisions and how to move forward. What none of them can imagine is just how difficult the next 10 days will be.