To my SURPRISE on page 2 I read the artical: “Portugal no longer “fully democratic country”?

Due to all restrictions impossed due to the pandemic.

As a swede I do not agree.

Comparing with Sweden Portugal made EXACTLY what Sweden ALSO should have impossed! The total failure of not doing this shows in the high covid figures Sweden has.

Still nothing about impossing the most obvious!! Mouth protection!!

Portugal started out with a strict impossing of mouth protection, limited persons in shops etc.

Sweden did NOTHING! And Still do nothing!

Corona cases have now been sky rocketing in Sweden!

Also in Portugal and on the Algarve.

But there is one thing we have noticed. In late autumn, August-September and onward a lot of British tourists arrived on the Algarve.

No-one wearing mouth protection! Invading bars and restaurants.

As Britain has been structed with most of the really harmful variants of Corona the raise of Corona cases in Portugal may have an explanation?

It is still like this, if you meet a person without mouth protection it is always a British person.

My suggestion, give the GNR and Police more authority to fine the people not wearing or clearly showing a mouth protection.

There is NO excuse for not using any kind of mouth protection!

We all owe this to Portugal and the Portuguese people!

P.Ledges, By email