According to data from Yescapa, the motor caravan and campervan rental platform, there were about 3,000 confirmed reservations between May and August, an increase of 56.69 percent compared to the same period last year.

The profile of Portuguese motor caravanning fans is mostly between 36 and 54 years old. The majority chose to take family holidays (63.88 percent), followed by couples (20.44 percent) and friends (14.08 percent).

The overwhelming majority (91.4 percent) of Portuguese who chose the motorhome to travel chose destinations in Portugal. The most popular trips were the Costa Vicentina and the National Route 2. Yescapa is also present in several European countries, such as Germany, France or Italy, with Portugal being the second most visited destination by the platform users.

These numbers reinforce the growth trend of motor caravanning in Portugal, after, in June, Yescapa has already revealed an increase of 400 percent of visits on its website and an increase of 50 percent of confirmed reservations.

"The motor caravanning was, effectively, a choice for many Portuguese this summer and we registered a high demand, surpassing even our expectations. We expected to reach 1,550 reservations during the summer, but we ended up surpassing 2,800", says Julie Da Vara, Chief Operating Officer of Yescapa at a global level. "We believe that the motor caravanning can be an excellent way to promote the national tourism, being also a safe alternative to travel and to know Portugal better, as well as to support the local economy".

Yescapa reinforced the concerns related with cleaning and disinfection of its vehicles and has created a set of good practices to be followed both by owners and tenants. The recommendations include disinfecting vehicles before and after rental, disinfecting the various elements/equipment of the vehicle, using gloves and masks at check-in/check-out and safety distance from users during these times.