Parliament votes for extended lockdown today

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Parliament will debate and vote today on the renewal of the state of emergency until 16 March it is all but guaranteed to pass with the support of the PS, PSD, CDS-PP and PAN parties.

In the introductory text of the legislation sent to parliament, the President of the Republic states that "the future must be planned in stages, based on the recommendations of experts and on objective data, such as the risk matrix, with more tests and more screening, to be successful".

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa thinks that it is necessary to maintain the state of emergency to "allow the Government to continue to take the most appropriate measures to combat this phase of the pandemic", but asks the executive to "also approve the indispensable support measures "to families and businesses, including non-repayable support.

This is the 12th declaration of a state of emergency that Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa submits for authorisation from parliament in the current covid-19 pandemic.

In the draft decree, identical to the one currently in force, it is also now specified that any eventual definition of noise limits is the responsibility of the Government through decree-law.

In the chapter on restrictions on face-to-face education, it is reiterated that "a phased reopening plan should be defined based on objective criteria and respecting public health purposes".

The current state of emergency period ends at 23:59 on Monday, 1 March. This renewal will take effect in the period between 02 and 16 March.

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None consisten rules.
Stay at home. No circulaiton on the roads...

Barbershops, shops, big events.... are open.

But how do you get there by staying home without using the roads.
Remove those stupid rules about staying home and no circulation on the road. And concentrate on avoid large group of people meeting.

Driving on the road and walking on the beach does not contribute to spreading virus !!!

By Gustav from Algarve on 23-03-2021 01:14

Search via google for World Bank COVID-19-Strategic-Preparedness-and-Response-Project.pdf

The project shall end 31 March 2025

By Magnus from Other on 13-03-2021 12:18

Double standard decision making, pingodosa countinent & other big company companies all over country are open for business because corona is friendly there lol, 100 folks visiting and physically touching product but government do not care.
Small business are closing on every day bases, who is responsible for middle class?

By Shah nawAz from Lisbon on 26-02-2021 12:30

Barbershop open date

By HamzaAfzal from Lisbon on 25-02-2021 10:22

Re: Jack - The Media has many years of practice doing this, It's why they were created. So, you don't think Americans or any other population are easily manipulated by TV as well?

By medico from Alentejo on 25-02-2021 06:56

Why are Portuguese so easily manipulated by TV? They will do anything and believe anything they are told. Sad to see the country destroyed day by day

By Jack Corley from USA on 25-02-2021 03:06

Beyond stupid......

By cheryl smallwood from Algarve on 25-02-2021 10:21

Lockdown till 2025, better safe the sorry.......

By Pedro from Lisbon on 25-02-2021 10:08
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