This sort of attack has been used in the not too distant past, singling out an ethnic or national group to vilify without a single piece of actual evidence, or knowledge on the subject In this case he ‘feels’ that the British tourists have been responsible ? and yet the British have been in lock down, without the ability to leave the UK for far longer than most other countries. If he was referring to the increased cases in Lisbon and the North? They were more than likely due to Portuguese citizens returning from the UK for Christmas The writer, whilst blaming British citizens, failed to point out that Swedish citizens, such as himself, have been free to come and go to Sweden during the entire epidemic, friends of mine included, who have been back and forth at least four times. I would not dream of accusing them of spreading the virus . It is a VIRUS. It travels where it will ,it mutates when it wishes. and where it wishes.

Data from real viral scientists .. as opposed to the media’s hype. has proved that countries in lock down, or with no lock down, have had virtually the same results at the end of the day. That is fact…

It serves no purpose at all to say what he did, and I hope he has the decency to apologise to the British ex-pats that he has so unjustly accused.
JENNY B, By email