If it is true that consumers, confined to their homes, have opted more for online commerce, it is also true that conflicts have increased exponentially – 250 percent compared to the same period of 2019.

Consumer complaints are mostly found in the sectors of: electronic goods and appliances, clothing, shoes and toys. The most frequent complaints are related to difficulties in contracting, delivering products and securing ways of payment. The supply of stores has increased but so too have the number of scams, namely on ad websites and social networks, which has led many consumers to not receiving products or a refund.

In addition, the delay in delivering the products, and in particular, non compliance of the rules relating to the delivery time and consumer rights by the professionals who reinforced these complaints obligations have risen with DECO solving 80 percent of cases.

DECO considers it essential that companies reinforce their digital channels, delivery services and customer support and that greater literacy about consumers’ digital rights be promoted among them and companies. DECO stresses that if consumers and businesses are better aware of these rights, many of the complaints could have been avoided.

Because of the importance of the digital transition and the value that online commerce represents to the consumer, DECO, within the scope of a financial project by the Consumer Fund, has launched a website that allows the consumer to know - who, where and how to buy. In addition, e.comprascomdireitos.pt opens a privileged and direct channel for consumers to present their problems to DECO.

DECO believes that, with information about their digital rights, consumers could have potentially avoided many of the conflicts in online shopping.

Know your rights and strengthen your role as a conscious consumer.

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