Some real verifiable facts:

  1. The piece of land that environmentalist call “The Alagoas Brancas” does not exist.
  2. It was never a wetland as such. It was a combination of orange fields and meadows that “benefited” from the increasing water flow in that area as a result of the development of the city of Lagoa and the inexistent rain water treatment system of Lagoa. Hence it floods sometimes exactly like all the surrounding fields in that area!!! When the Aldi was constructed one irrigation canal outlet was closed, deemed unnecessary, hence the pond there was born.
  3. The site was sold many years ago to a project developer who obtained a (building) permit to develop the area for commercial purposes. Failing interest, till recently, it was never properly kept up as is the case with many more of these kind of properties.
  4. The permit was renewed and is still valid.
  5. The real wetlands of Lagoa are situated eastwards of Lagoa and called “Lameiras”. Here you can find the real base of the species you claim to originate in your wetlands in real large numbers. As you know sometimes birds stray and land where they choose also in your site, but fairly rapid they return to Lameiras or Salgados because there is simply much more food (insects from the rice fields) and peace and quiet for them there.

Personally I have more faith in studies by the Portuguese and their official institutions than by those sponsored by political parties and influencing groups. Let us not forget that the Salgados wetlands were preserved by those same institutions. Who is willing to believe that an area of less than 8 Ha within city limits with roads and commercial activity within 20 meters makes a viable protected site has lost all reason and link with reality.

I personally think that there are ulterior motives behind this movement. There are many possibilities but none that I have proof for.

Some advice to end with: Enjoy the Portuguese hospitality but leave them to run their country as they choose. Remember you are but a guest! If you remain unhappy you can always leave...
Sunny Senior!.
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