With Russian, Romanian and Chinese visitors and residents increasingly making up a growing number of our readers, the new foreign translators will work to provide all of the content you can already read in English and the other languages on our website in these new languages.

Visitors to www.theportugalnews.com can simply select the language of their choice by clicking on the flag that corresponds to the language and read the news in their chosen language, with new articles being published every day.

This new feature is leading edge, with The Portugal News being the only printed newspaper, as far as we are aware, offering such a broad range of languages. There are also plans to increase this in the near future and to also offer exclusive content in the different languages.

We have launched this new service to meet the needs of the diverse foreign community and holidaymakers in Portugal, as well as for readers across the world eager to learn about the latest news in Portugal. This service will keep them informed of all the latest goings on in Portugal in the language of their choice, because at The Portugal News, we are all one.

Currently the new languages on the site are being beta tested so please bear with us and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Initial limited feedback has so far been very positive.

Look out for more new features, sections and exclusive content coming soon on www.theportugalnews.com.