The theme of this book seems apt for the current situation the world is facing. Except that it is set during the earlier part of the 20th century.

The story is centered on Nurse Julia Power at an understaffed hospital in Ireland. She works with expectant mothers who are afflicted with the new Spanish flu. Two outsiders enter her world, Doctor Kathleen Lynn (a possible Rebel on the run) and Bridie Sweeney (young volunteer).

Over the next three days they will change each other’s lives in unexpected ways as they deal with patients during the pandemic. While at the same time they help bring life into the world. Their bond grows stronger the longer you read.
The author, Emma Donoghue is an international bestseller and has written numerous novels.

This novel is action-packed and will leave you gasping for air. You can just picture how cramped the hospital room is. The book is divided into four sections (red, brown, blue, black) which reflect the progression of colour on the faces of patients who are starved for oxygen.

The author’s description of the flu and childbirth are graphic. So be warned if you are a sensitive reader. The details of the period seem accurate and you can feel the novel was well researched.

This is a difficult but powerful and engrossing read. It captures the feeling of the time perfectly. The characters are believable and well crafted. The story moves along at a fast pace and I found the ending both sad and uplifting. I did however feel the ending was forced.

‘The Pull of the Stars’ offers an interesting perspective of what we are currently going though.