This is a World War II novel but seen through a Germans viewpoint. L. Annette Binder was born in Germany and grew up in Colorado, this is her first novel. This book was inspired by her family’s experiences. Binder used her great-grandfather’s journals and other research.

The book is set in 1945 towards the end of the war and follows the Huber family. Josef, Etta (the parents) and the kids, Max who is away fighting and Georg who is at Hitler Youth. As they suffer you will get to feel their pain through the pages. Each of them copes with the conflict in their own way. You will get to understand that some people supported Hitler while others just tolerated the situation. They were just trying their best during an impossible time. The effects of the war especially on the children were long lasting.

“Victory was inevitable, they said, victory was a given, but the ladies knew better. Their boys went away, every day they left and they didn’t come back or they came back broken and what use was victory then when everything was lost.”
You can’t read this book and not be affected. War has terrible consequences and choices. This book pushes you to understand the loss for both sides of the conflict. The beauty of this book is that you are afforded a unique view of the war.

The quality of Binder’s writing is outstanding. Her descriptive nature transports you to the locations. This is a must read if you are fan of WWII historical fiction.

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