Reasons given include personal happiness, health and well-being, safety and security, leisure opportunities and, when it comes to purchasing property, you get, as one American expat put it, “more bang for your buck”—in other words, great value for money.

According to a survey by Expat Insider, more than eight out of 10 expats feel totally at home here once they have made that move.

So, rather than have us here at Chestertons Portugal and O&O Quinta do Lago tell you why you should buy a villa or an apartment here, why not hand the floor over to clients we have helped to find their dream homes, and hear in their own words why they chose to do so?

They form a broad cross section of the spectrum—retirees, people with young children and those who moved here to continue working.

Steph and Simon Peach, who had lived in New Orleans before settling on the Algarve’s west coast, summed it up succinctly, saying it has given them “a great standard of living without having to compromise quality”.

The couple, for business reasons, lived in the UK, from where Simon hails, Nigeria, Romania, Albania and Steph’s home city of New Orleans before finally retiring to Portugal in November 2018.

“We were also considering Greece, but we chose Portugal, because of the friendliness, the weather, the wonderful people, the culture and reasonable prices for a good standard of living”, Simon explained.

“Healthcare is good and easy to navigate and the west coast is a lovely, mainly untouched area, with fantastic beaches and coastline.

“We did a lot of research beforehand, which is something we would recommend, so we knew where we were coming to and what we were getting. Basically, it completely fulfilled our expectations and we wouldn’t change anything”.

Sharon and Ray Prescott from Gloucestershire, who spent many years holidaying in Praia da Luz, bought their villa there in 2015, to prepare for their retirement last year.

“It was a no-brainer”, said Ray.”The quality and value of property added to the fact that Portugal has such fantastic weather, is a nice, safe country with wonderful and welcoming people meant that, for us, there was simply no competition.

“We have travelled extensively for business and pleasure over the years, but having spent so much time vacationing here, Portugal was our first and only choice, and Praia da Luz is the area we have always preferred.

“It is a very family orientated village, safe, a good community, good facilities, great access to other areas, and of course the weather.”

Ray went on, “We have found everything and everyone very helpful. The Portuguese have been amazingly helpful and friendly people, always willing to assist in any bureaucracy, whether that be residency, health service, banking etc”.

Dominic Ellis, 40, his wife and two teenage children moved to the Golden Triangle—the area between Vilamoura, Almancil (with its three Michelin-starred restaurants) and the resorts of Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo—last year.

Dominic’s parents have had a holiday home in the area for 14 years and his children have enjoyed at least three holidays a year there since they were born.

Dominic, from Poole in Dorset, has a UK-based business, and can work from his new home, and also commutes when necessary (Covid permitting) with flights from Faro to Bournemouth.

“It was an easy decision to relocate here, with security, the sense of wellbeing, a safe environment, and, of course, the great weather”, he said. “The kids go to the Algarve International School, we are just a minute from the beach, and are loving it here, as are we, which makes life a lot easier.

“I used to play tennis as a youngster but haven’t done so for a long time. Since we moved here I can play 3 or 4 times a week, the kids are fitter, we’re all enjoying more outside activities, and my wife is doing lots of boot camps etc.
“We are all healthier and fitter with the great weather and the sheer quality of life”.

Jackie Dawson, originally from West Dorset, moved to the Algarve 13 years ago after briefly considering buying in France.

“I found a lovely place there, but before completing I thought more about Portugal. I had had several holidays with friends who had homes here, and I really liked the area”, she explained.

“I did love the idea of France but the fact that I knew more people in Portugal, that the Portuguese were more friendly and welcoming, and it was easier to get along and integrate, tilted the scales in favour of Portugal, and the Algarve in particular.

“Also, another key factor was that, having retired, it helped that the cost of living in Portugal was a lot better”.
She continued, “The move here has exceeded all my expectations, in the way I was able to fit in so effortlessly, the way people treat you with respect and friendship, and of course the fact that it is such a safe and secure society”.

Jovita Fernandez, originally from Spain and Hinrich Haller, from Germany, are currently moving to the Algarve after deciding to sell their business in Arizona where they have lived and worked for 15 years.

They bought a house on the west coast, and Jovita told us, “We visited Portugal a few times and fell in love with it, so we decided to make our home there.

“No other country comes close—it is our favourite place”, she added.

“We love the Algarve for the weather, the beautiful beaches, and the slow pace of life. Coming from the USA we love most the sense of quiet, the safe and relaxed atmosphere.

“We preferred the area around Aljezur in particular because of the food, the farmer’s markets, and the fact that there are still many small independent shops, restaurants, cafes, all family owned.

“It’s a great community and we have met many amazing people there, expats and Portuguese alike”.

Karine Thill, who hails from Belgium, bought her home from Chesterton’s west coast office and explained, “My business activity can be conducted from anywhere in Europe, so, looking ahead to a peaceful retirement , I decided to move early to Portugal as I knew it would provide me with the tranquillity and peace of mind I desired.

“I have a few friends in Portugal from Belgium and came to visit them several times during the past 10 years.

“Initially, I was looking for a country house (monte) in the Alentejo region but as most of my friends live in the Algarve I extended the search to that region as well.

“After seeing several locations, the west coast was ticking all the boxes with affordable properties in a National Park, walking trails, beautiful beaches, and also with it being much less crowded than the southern coast.

“And, of course, I fell in love with the food, the wine and the pleasant climate all year long. Portugal has clearly exceeded all my expectations!

“My best advice for people wishing to come and live in Portugal is to visit during holidays and then delegate the search to a professional after sitting down with them and telling them all your requirements”.

Good advice Karine!

And if you, too, dream of a life in the Portuguese sun, come and sit down with Chestertons Portugal and O&O Quinta do Lago, tell us your wish list, and allow us to use our huge experience and knowledge to find you the house of your dreams.

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