The last year has been an enormous challenge for everyone. The onset of Covid 19 has led to Governments having to introduce measures to control the spread of the virus.

While helping to control the disease the introduction of Lockdown has had all sorts of unforeseen consequences as people have found themselves confined to their homes, unable to see family and friends face to face and, in cases where people have had to shield, not to be able to leave their homes at all for a year or more.

What has Lockdown meant to you? We are asking people to share their photographs which represent an image that will always remind them of these difficult times. All we ask is that photos are taken within 100 metres of your place of confinement.

The competition is free to enter with a chance to win €125 of photographic equipment. Our team of judges will be headed by professional photographer Daryl Gabin of We look forward to receiving your entries and to the end of Lockdown soon.

For further information and submission of photos visit or email