It was during the period of lockdown that complaints intensified. DECO received reports of products that had been purchased but not delivered, of false data provided by sellers, of returns that were not successful and of sellers that simply block the customer when they complain.

Tips for safer purchases on Facebook

  1. Search for as much information about a page as possible. Ask for references and try to find out if there are many complaints about this seller.
  2. Before proceeding to purchase, try to obtain a physical address or telephone contact from the seller. Call for clarification. If they never answer, be wary. Remember that opening a business via Facebook is easy, but closing it is also easy.
  3. Be wary of very cheap products. Ask all the questions and carefully evaluate the answers you receive.
  4. Whenever possible, choose the most secure forms of payment, such as bank transfer, ATM or pay after delivery. Make sure you receive a proof of order, with the product description, the price, the seller’s address and the delivery time.
  5. Be wary of salespeople who are very demanding to complete a sale. Never risk it without investigating the advertisement first.

If the requested item hasn’t been delivered within the stated deadline, immediately contact the seller to schedule a new delivery period or cancel the purchase, requesting a refund.

If the seller is from a company, the consumer has 14 days to cancel a purchase already made. However, this possibility is not extended for those who buy from private sellers.

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