It’s official - Formula 1 returning to Portugal

By TPN, in News, Sport, Motorsport, Algarve · 05-03-2021 10:14:00 · 12 Comments

Following weeks of speculation, it has now been officially announced that Formula 1 will be coming back again to the race track in Portimão from 30 April until 2 May.

F1 president Stefano Domenicali said: “We are thrilled to announce that Formula 1 will be racing again in Portimao after the huge success of the race last year”.

“We are confident and excited about our 2021 season, having shown last year that we could deliver 17 races safely and bring our millions of fans thrilling racing at a difficult time.”

The third round of the Formula 1 calendar will see the stars of the sport returning to the Autódromo do Algarve, with the Algarve stage finally completing the calendar which will include 23 races.

“We want to thank the promoter and the Portuguese government for their hard work and dedication in getting us to this point” added Stefano Domenicali.

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Wenn es die Bewohner dieser Gegend schaffen würden, das verbrennen von Holz aus Rodungen zu unterlassen wäre das ein viel besserer Umweltschutz als diese "Abgase",
die bringen der so gebeutelten Region noch ein bar Euros
Ich habe wiederholt festgestellt das man ,solange die Frau ein kaufen geht, doch am besten sein Auto laufen lässt, es ist doch so KALT!!!

By Günter Will from Algarve on 07-03-2021 10:18

HaHa, typical comments from the pommies who think they own the Algarve. What a bunch of wasters and oxygen thieves.

Nice to see some common sense prevailing, just time now to get into full gear! Let the dry grass burn so the rest of us can get on with life!

By Jaco from Porto on 07-03-2021 08:43

What a shame that the only comments so far are negative.
As an F1 supporter I am really pleased that the race is returning again.
It might not be great for tourism this year, as crowds may not be allowed, but it will improve the visibility and profile of the Algarve and of the Autodrome.
We went last year and it was a fabulous and very safe occasion.
Very well spaced. The vast majority wearing masks and a great race and a record breaking day for Hamilton.
The only problem was the trip there and back, which needs rethinking if crowds are ever allowed again.

By TREVOR ROBERTS from Algarve on 06-03-2021 08:43

If you want clean air James I suggest you move to Central Portugal. Clean enough here. And as for Annie, if you hadn't noticed the country is almost bancrupt and will welcome the income. As for viruses, how long has the world been trying to get rid of the common cold. Just another corronavirus. I suggest you both grow up.

By Martin from Lisbon on 05-03-2021 06:29

What pandemic,it's flu.
Bet they don't have a lockdown that week end but as sure as eggs are eggs you can guarantee one before and a new one will start after.
They are getting so predictable.

By Peter shepherd from Lisbon on 05-03-2021 04:18

James and Annie won't be going then. Last year was all about the queues, queuing to get into the track, queuing to get into the gate, queuing to go to the loo, queing to get a drink, queing to get something to eat, then queing to get out of the track.

By Scott from Algarve on 05-03-2021 03:54

Gets rid of coal, invites in pollution buggies. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

By Ian from Lisbon on 05-03-2021 02:28

Way over due, finally some positive news to return to normal and diminish the paranoia.

By andy from Algarve on 05-03-2021 02:08

That's fantastic news! Finally something that will help with the Algarve econcomy!

By Paula from Algarve on 05-03-2021 02:00

What is the point ?
There are families without food on the table !
Take your Formula 1 off planet for all I care.
Jokers !

By David.S from Lisbon on 05-03-2021 12:26

Yippee more fumes to pollute the already polluted Algarve air thanks to crazy amount of diesel cars here.

By James from Algarve on 05-03-2021 11:38

Aaah, the lure of money and big business is so irresistible. Boom! Burn fuel, make noise, pull in the crowds, never mind the pandemic we can't seem to get rid of.
And what is happening with environmental protection, sustainability, green solutions.....?

By Annie from Algarve on 05-03-2021 10:44
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