They give an interesting introduction to the piece to be played. For example what was going on with the composer’s life when he wrote the piece. The selection of light classical music which follows is relaxing. The selection of music is varied, it is also occasionally interrupted by 2 dachshunds who attend the concerts. Usually they lie quietly on the rug, but have been known to jump on their master’s lap. They have a fan-club of listeners. The background scenery is amazing. You will see there are 2 live concerts, Wednesday and Saturday evenings, and you can find videos on Youtube. Remember S.African time is currently 2 hours ahead of us, will be 1 hour when we change to spring-time.

Listen and relax. All information below.

To access the livestream concert simply click on this link below from 5 minutes before 6pm on Wednesdays or Saturdays which will take you to directly to my YouTube channel -

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