The municipality of Celorico da Beira, in the district of Guarda, has launched an online store to promote and sell Serra da Estrela cheese, which will later be extended to other local products.

The platform “Celorico com Gosto” (accessible at was launched by the municipality of Celorico da Beira at the start of the 42nd edition of the Serra da Estrela Cheese Fair, which will run until 28 March, in an entirely digital format.

According to the municipality chaired by Carlos Ascensão, “Celorico com Gosto” is “a digital platform for the promotion, enhancement, advertising and sale, initially of Serra da Estrela cheese and, in the near future, of other endogenous products produced in the municipality of Celorico da Beira”.

The project “has the purpose of bringing the Capital of the Serra da Estrela Cheese [Celorico da Beira] to the consumers’ table, in a simple, fast and free way”.

“A Serra da Estrela cheese is a heritage product that represents the identity and soul of the mountain people, it contains the history, culture, tradition, technique and art of the cheese maker, passed down from generation to generation, knowledge, flavours and smells of Serra da Estrela”, says a statement from the municipality.

The municipality explains that by accessing the website, interested parties can follow the daily news of the ‘online’ fair and view the videos available.