They have lost my medical records and rather than being top of the vaccination list as being vulnerable, I have been put near the bottom of the list.

I went to the local clinic where I was registered and there were 8 people standing outside waiting to get in and this would be really dangerous for me. So I went to the main clinic and was told that I had to have an appointment to see my family doctor and was given a phone number and an email address - both of which were wrong. I did find the actual phone number but even the blogs state that they never answer the phone - which is true. Now nearly 2 weeks later, I asked a friend to take a copy of my medical records to the main clinic and she has very kindly handed this in and acquired a signature for it. The whole procedure has been so frustrating. I am now going to ask my lawyer to see if my records have actually been put on the system.

Please warn all the other expats of the problem.
Pam Randall, By email