Mandatory curfew in Madeira extended until 15 March

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The mandatory curfew in Madeira has been extended until 15 March, said the President of the Regional Government today, adding that the relief of the measures in force on the island is dependent on the pandemic evolution of Covid -19 in the archipelago.

On the sidelines of the ceremony alluding to the 108th anniversary of the Forestry Police Corps, Miguel Albuquerque recalled that Madeira is not in lockdown, but in a situation of curfew, balancing policies to contain the pandemic with those of the economy.

"We are in a situation of containment, but with the economy running, there is no lockdown," he said.

The official also said that the Regional Government will act and always take measures in line with the evolution of the disease in the archipelago and with the guidelines of the health authorities, stressing that, until April, there will be "two incubation cycles".

The Regional Government thus extended until 15 March the measures for the operation of commercial, industrial and catering activities in Madeira, with these sectors continuing to close during the week at 18:00 and on weekends at 17:00.

During the week, the curfew is at 19:00 and at weekends at 18:00.

It was also extended the measure that determines that, on Saturday and Sunday, restaurants / bars and the like can continue working from 17:00 to 22:00, exclusively for the preparation of meals for home delivery.

The Regional Government also decided to extend until March 31 the "period of temporary exemption from the payment of rents and fees, applying the rules of proportionality to debts with non-monthly maturity, resulting from housing and non-housing lease contracts, of concession contracts, transfer assignments against payment, surface rights contracts, which are under the management of the Vice-Presidency of Regional Government and Parliamentary Affairs, through the Regional Directorate of Heritage ".

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By Kari Lehto from Other on 08-03-2021 07:52
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