The Commissioner Fábio Coelho, of the Criminal Investigation Squad of the Portimão division of the PSP, told Lusa news agency that during the raids, the authorities seized 340 doses of various drugs, money and weapons, and that seven of the detainees will be presented today to the criminal investigation judge for application of possible measures of coercion.

The operation was carried out on Wednesday, with "33 searches, 20 of them at home and the other 13 on vehicles", and led to the "arrest of 10 individuals, aged between 20 and 38 years old, and the formation of defendants of another five citizens, also on suspicion of drug trafficking", said the PSP source.

The searches were carried out in "Portimão and Silves, with greater incidence in the municipality of Portimão" and counted on the collaboration of the GNR in their area of operation.

"Various types of narcotics were seized, including around 240 grams of marijuana, two cannabis plants, 50 doses of ecstasy, 20 doses of cocaine and 20 doses of hashish," the commissioner said.

Around 8,700 Euros in cash were also seized as well as "three 12mm shotguns, a 6.35mm pistol, two reproductions of firearms and also an extendable baton", as well as "62 pyrotechnic articles, six motor vehicles and material for weighing and packaging the narcotics".

The same source explained that the operation was the result of "an investigation that had been going on for around two years" and that focused on "direct sales to consumers".

Fábio Coelho also mentioned that the "diligences were accompanied on the ground by the magistrate in charge of the investigation", belonging to the Portimão Public Prosecutor's Office, and "some detainees were heard by him yesterday [10 March]".

"Even so, there are seven detainees who will be presented before the criminal instruction judge for the application of a measure of coercion," added the commissioner of the Criminal Investigation Squadron of the Portimão division of the PSP.