Scams usually occur in online sales, on websites such as OLX and Custo Justo. The crook contacts the seller and asks if he is a user of the MB Way app. If the answer is “no”, he puts the scheme into action, convincing you that getting paid in this way is quicker and easier. The alleged buyer suggests to the seller to go to an ATM, advising him on the steps to be taken.

After the seller presents the debit card at the ATM, the fraudster indicates a telephone contact and a code that he received on his cell phone, which when inserted into the fields that appear on the ATM screen, will allow the fraudster full access to the victim’s account.

Pay attention to the MB Way security rules:

  1. Never follow instructions from strangers to make or receive payments through MB Way, especially if the app’s mode of operation is unknown.
  2. If you are contacted to join the MB Way app, either through ATM or homebanking, using a phone number other than your own, stop that contact and immediately inform your bank and the authorities.
  3. To join MB Way, never use someone else’s phone number. Any number you enter in the subscription will be associated with your card and bank account.
  4. If you are a user of the MB Way app, do not share the PIN of the app with anyone

Neither banks nor entities such as telecommunications operators (or others) request, by phone or email, to add another phone number than yours to your bank account.
Keep your phone contact up to date with your bank.

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