More precisely, Kinesiology is a therapy that uses muscle monitoring to look at imbalances that may be causing disease in the body. This practice is based on the idea that the body gives the answers through the strength of its muscles, is actually based on an energy model of health (not a western medical one).

To begin with, John Mills, Kinesiology practitioner, explains that with a muscle test we can ask questions and then muscles will answer positively or negatively to those questions. “Because whenever your muscle is strong it means the answer is positive, and whenever your muscle is weak it is negative. We usually use this in our life, when you meet a person that is positive for you in some way, you feel happy, you have a reaction to people, even without talking, you feel it. This affects how kinesiology works – it is the same”.

In an appointment between practitioner and patient – “Traditionally, I’ll straighten my hand and put the other hand on their shoulder and when I ask questions I push it down, if there is resistance that means it is positive, if there is no resistance it is negative. This is how we test people traditionally but there are many other ways”, he explained.

According to the Kinesiology practitioner, our body will answer questions about everything we want, such as “spirituality, health, psychology, everything. You’re body knows everything about you”, he clarified.

John says that this therapy works with every living being. Yes, animals are included. “It works with every living being, animals as well, because everything in the universe has a frequency, it doesn’t matter if it is the sun or the rain, everything has a frequency and a different one”.

“Bacteria’s, virus, parasites, they all have a frequency. We use energy basically, I can find everything I want, but I’m not looking inside, I just ask the body. If I find where the problem is, I can relate it to the symptoms when they come to see me”, he explains.

When patients come “they tell me what they feel, I tell them what I find and we put things together and see if it makes sense. That’s the way I always work – that way we can move on, then there are different ways to eliminate the passenger, if it is a virus, I have a machine that creates frequencies, or if it’s something that is going to take a while, essential oils have different frequencies”.

Kinesiology can be done without a practitioner
John Mills explains that although he can do it for other people, everyone is able to do this by themselves – all we need is an empty mind. “Some people have problems putting themselves in that space, because their minds are confused and that prevents them to go into the process, because you need an open mind”, he said.

The secret is to keep the mind clear and to then just ask questions, says John Mills, and from there it is all about training. “As long as you keep your mind clear you can do it for 2 weeks, if you are able to do it, contact me, I will tell you what to do next. It’s probably the most powerful thing that you can do, because it gives you confidence, you’ll always know what you should do”, he said.

The expert concludes by advising: “You can always start with obvious questions that you already know the answer to, such as your name, age or gender, and you will be able to see your body’s reaction”.

Following the diagnosis then the treatment comes. This can be done using various methods, aromatherapy is one of them: The treatment of certain diseases through the stimulation given by certain frequencies present in aromas.

According to John Mills, all aromas have particular frequencies and these are the frequencies that will help us. He has tables that show aromas and their respective frequencies – and following many years of study he is able to know how the body reacts to an essential oil.

John Mills is a traditional person and privileges interpersonal relationships, so he has no social media, but if you want to know more, you can always contact him by email: