Start enjoying your swimming pool right now! Having a swimming pool and being able to use it whenever you like is a pleasure, but it’s essential to have the right devices to keep the water and pool in perfect conditions, even when you’re not using it.

Do you miss swimming, on these pleasant weather days? Casa Verde can make it happen!

If you want to maximize the use of your swimming pool, to almost all year-round, pool heat pumps and covers, powered by solar energy, are the seamless way to keep water at the right temperature for a comfortable swim.

Pool Solar Heat Pumps are a popular option for all domestic pools. They’re environmentally friendly and with many benefits such as low energy costs, easy maintenance and, quiet performance.

How to choose the best heat pump for your pool? That’s going to depend on:

  • Frequency of pool usage;
  • Running costs, especially in case of a system without solar energy;
  • Pool size;
  • Warranties;
  • Performance of the heat exchanger/compressor.

Casa Verde’s heat pumps are powered, mainly, by the sun through solar panels, this is equivalent to:

  • No pollution, which means low environmental impact.
  • Maximization of your savings, if it’s green it’s economically comfortable, with minimal power consumption.

Besides, since the solar heat pumps don’t have motors or fans, they’re not prone to becoming blocked, unlike other types of pool heaters. Newer models even allow you to control your heat pump in an APP, meaning you can be having your morning coffee while your pool is being heated up without having to leave your home! Since these solar heat pumps are a great triumph in the renewable energy world, they’re mounted with high quality, long-lasting and reliable materials, extending their life expensing to 15-20 years.

Pool heating means more bonding time with your family, exercise, relaxing, and many health benefits, however, they’re not enough to maintain your pool heated. You wouldn’t want your hot water to evaporate, meaning the pool wouldn’t retain heat – meaning you’re losing money… The solution?

Pool Covers powered by the Sun. This combination of a photovoltaic system, heat pumps and covers is the perfect solution to maximize the usability of your swimming pool all year, using renewable energy sources and using your equipment to their full capacity – increasing the benefits of your investment.

Some Pool Covers benefits are:

Safety – The pleasure of peace of mind
Casa Verde provides you and your family, especially if you have small children or pets, safety, and peace of mind. These covers resist up to 100 kg in the middle – reducing the risk of accidental drowning.

Sustainability – Demonstrable advantages
Installing a slatted cover reduces water loss from evaporation by up to 65%*, on average you will save 30,000 liters/per year for a pool of 50m3. This translates directly to a decrease in filter washes as well as the use of chemical products.(*30,000 liters/per year for a pool measuring 8x4m.)

Save Money – Choose a system powered by FREE solar energy
Just by having a pool cover, you’re retaining the heat produced by your heat pump, meaning, you’re already reducing the energy costs of heating. This also allows you to better maintain the pool water temperature at night and even during colder days, allowing you to swim comfortably.

Easy – It’s automatic
Automatic covers are easily opened and closed thanks to their in-build motorized roller, turning of a key is all that is needed to get it working.

Casa Verde can offer you different solutions, whether with submerged or above-ground covers, especially adapted to your swimming. Manufactured with rigid slats and available in various colours, the design and composition enable the cover to float over the whole water surface.

They are effective as a thermal insulator and have been developed in compliance with the French standard NF P 90-308, guaranteeing maximum safety for pool users.

You can create a more self-reliant, user and environment-friendly pool with Casa Verde’s help!

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