After qualifying from Guy’s Hospital, London, Dr. Haley spent several years in private practice in Paris. During his time there he did extensive post-graduate training notably in the specialities of periodontology ( diagnosis and treatment of gum disease) and implant surgery. After moving to Portugal he maintained contact with the University of Paris by participating in a 2 year on-line diploma course on advanced dental technology. More recently he has participated in several ‘hands-on’ courses in microscopic dental procedures and endodontics with a team of Portugal’s top specialists.

Clinical assistant Graça Moura qualified at the dental school in Hamburg, Germany then instructed future assistants at Lisbon before joining the office of Dr. Haley’s predecessor.

The clinic has recently been re-equipped to maximise patient comfort and efficiency of treatments. All radiological imagery, including panoramic x-rays (an essential part of the diagnostic procedure), are digitalised and procedures are now frequently performed using an operating microscope. Dr. Haley is particularly concerned with patient communication; with the aid of X-ray images and photos of various aspects of dental treatment the patient is well informed of what is going on in the mouth. The most important service performed by a dental practitioner is, of course, preventive care, however dentists are usually confronted with more serious situations and with patients requiring more comfort, better aesthetic and functional solutions to their problems and with the perennial concern of cost-effectiveness.

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