From an unknown neighbourhood project to an ever-growing National Movement, “Re-food is an independent, citizen driven, 100 percent volunteer, eco-humanitarian community charity, working to eliminate food waste and hunger on a neighbourhood basis.”

The pair will be running 26.2 miles on the 26 March, for such an important cause that will help so many. They both have seen the devastating impact that Covid-19 has had on the local economy and how hard-working families have been left with nothing. “Unemployment levels are currently rising by around 60 percent and this region is one of the worst hit in Europe.” The Algarve relies so heavily on tourism and the pandemic has really made a huge impact on this.

They have chosen Re-food as “food banks are a great way to ensure that these families are able to survive until the economy is able to open up and welcome tourists back to the Algarve”.

Joe is a regular marathon runner with a lot of experience and is taking J under his wing as it is his first marathon. When speaking to J, he told me that what inspired them both was that because they “both run businesses here in the Algarve and this time of year, we would both be looking to bring on new members of staff and get ready for what would usually be a busy time of the year and that is not the case as everything is closed.” This means that there a lot of people unemployed and the figures speak for themself, as the number of people using food banks has risen, so they thought this would be a “good cause to bring to everyone’s attention and raise some money to help people out”.

During such a difficult time, they are giving out a message of hope and positivity by raising money for Re-food as so many people have lost their jobs and need your support more than ever. All money donated will be given to Re-food in Almancil, who work incredibly hard to feed those in need. Any amount will make a difference to these families who have been severely affected by the pandemic. You too can be a pioneer for change as a kind gesture goes a long way, in order to donate please check out their JustGiving page at

Re-food started in 2010 and has greatly evolved from one centre covering 30 food sources in a seven-block area to 25 centres and 900 food source partners all over Portugal. In the Algarve the centres are set up in Almancil, Faro and Algoz-Tunes. “The Re-food Movement is powered by the good will of the community; it takes the form of shared practical action and is sustained by ongoing resource activation.”

“Re-food operates for the community, working without salaries and avoiding any and all costs that do not serve its mission. Re-food’s low cost and high productivity model improves the quality of life of people in need while strengthening the social fabric of the local community.”

In the last five years, it is quite remarkable what they have achieved from having one volunteer to thousands and from 34 beneficiaries to 2,500 beneficiaries, from 1,000 meals a month to 46,000 meals a month. Their intention is to “build an inclusive matrix of community partnerships – citizens, companies and institutions, all working together to make their shared world a better place.”