According to the summary of the Climatological Bulletin available on the IPMA website, the month of February was the 5th warmest since 1931 with an average air temperature of 11.66 degrees Celsius, +1.68 degrees.
The warmest February ever registered (12.43 degrees) occurred in 2020.

The average value of minimum air temperature, 7.93 degrees, was much higher than the normal, +2.35 degrees, being the 3rd highest value since 1931 (highest in 1985 and 1990: 7.96 and 7.94 degrees).
With regard to the average maximum air temperature value, 15.40 degrees, it was also higher than the normal value.

The IPMA indicates that throughout the month of February, the daily values of the minimum air temperature were always above the average monthly value, except on days 7 and 22.

The lowest temperature was recorded in Vinhais, Bragança district, with -2.6 degrees on 7 February and the highest value on the 14th in Mora (Évora), with 24.1 degrees.

As for the average value of precipitation, 158.7 mm (mm) were recorded in February, which corresponds to 159 percent of the 1971-2000 normal value (100.1 mm).

During the month, precipitation occurred on most days, with 9 and 20 February being particularly noteworthy, with very high daily values, having been exceeded in some areas in the North and Centre of the territory.

The IPMA points out that on 4 and 5 February, very intense rainfall occurred in the southern region.