Grove-x has created Lovot, an app that could effectively be described as an emotional intelligence love machine. Lovot designed to submissively tend to our emotional needs, with the sole purpose of making us humans feel loved. As described by Grove- X, "this is an all-new relationship between robots and humans and can create the behaviour that is very much like a living being.”

Lovot resembles a high-tech cuddly teddy bear. It’s armed with fifty sensors as well as a 360-degree half-sphere camera that scans the room and all objects within it. The touch sensors react to human touch and it has eyes and voices that possess the characteristics of living creatures. The thermal sensors within the Lovot can detect their owner in a room, and it continuously monitors its surroundings to enable it to decide which actions it should take to make you happy!

Lovot also has its own emotional needs. It dislikes water and dazzling light, while it enjoys fawning over someone that it likes. Most importantly, Lovot responds to you as any other human companion would. Its abilities are far more wide-reaching than your stock-standard walking, talking doll, and it’s marketed toward the whole family, designed for adults and children alike. The intention is to promote love.

“‘Emotional Robotics’ was developed to make the human power to love even stronger,” claims Grove-X.

Lovot is like having a pet, without requiring the physical interaction of caring for one! It’s synthetic love that might just suit those in need of immediate emotional gratification in their time of need. A one-sided relationship? Sure, you could even call it submissive. There’s only one party being gratified in this relationship, and it’s you.

Lovot offers a fascinating insight into the human ability to love. Could this technology represents the ascent of artificial intelligence into the conscious world, potentially overriding humans' ability to make decisions in the future? Either way, there ain’t no stopping progress, so let’s all just enjoy Lovot before the robot apocalypse arrives.