EU set to unveil vaccine passport

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Today, the European Commission will propose a “digital green certificate”

The European Union is set to unveil a vaccine passport scheme to allow free travel this summer and support the struggling tourism sector, despite disagreement between member states over the proposal. On Wednesday, the European Commission will propose a “digital green certificate” that would combine information on vaccination, Covid-19 tests and recovery to allow people to take flights and cross borders within the bloc. Portugal has welcomed the proposal but Belgium and Germany have warned against discriminating against those who refuse or cannot get vaccinated.

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I am all for vaccination. I would happily take it right now if offered.

Problem is, I am in my 40s, so I'll be lucky if I get in this year, considering my parents in their late 70s don't look like they'll be getting it anytime soon.

So what they are saying now is that if I catch covid and recover, I am free to travel without expensive tests, as if I have been vaccinated? And my life can then go back to normal?

I've spent a year trying to follow government advice to avoid covid, and now they're basically telling me I'll be rewarded with a free pass if I go out and catch it?

Do these politicians not realize how monumentally stupid this is? It would be a stupid plan even if the old folks who are most at risk are vaccinated, but to start talking about this now - encouraging younger, healthier people to catch covid, is beyond idiotic.

By Paul from Lisbon on 18-03-2021 10:54

So if I sell my property in Portugal and don't have the vaccine passport - I'm stuck wandering around Portugal until 'forcible vaccination' becomes law?

9 million dead yearly from Alcohol and Tobacco and we sell them in the streets!
2 million dead from C19 and we are looking at removing all freedom of movement to satisfy??? That's right - the One Percent that are ruling us.

Portugal is puppet - no Republic here.
As long as the begging bowl fills up, Portugal will never stand on its own feet.
Mega sad.
Pathetic people who think little and care less.
And I am not talking about the working class.

By Steve Walker from Alentejo on 17-03-2021 07:45

Vaccine passports are cronyism.

We are being sold to the highest bidders.

By Miguel from Lisbon on 17-03-2021 06:22

The dictatorship in Europe is a fact. The terrible thing is that the people are not protesting. Unfortunately, most people have been brainwashed for many years. Why force on the people a vaccine that is not safe, that is produced in a hurry. Corona is just a common flu, in most countries it is the normal death rate overall. Why vaccinate everyone then? No, this may have an end. Are the people ready to protest? No Unfortunately not. But my body does not touch them with their poison. Never!!! Follow the money, and you will get many answers to what is going on.

By Tina from Algarve on 17-03-2021 06:02

Portugal doesn't care about discrimination...or about human rights...the will.

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 17-03-2021 04:10

This will guarantee I will never step foot in Portugal again. Adeus!

By Latoysha Adams from USA on 17-03-2021 02:40

Control us, Imprison us all you want.
At the end Humanity WILL Win !

Down with Totalitarianism.
You will not have your way with us !
Your inversion of God will be your own downfall !

By Jesus P from Other on 17-03-2021 01:34

This is yet another attempt to try to force the vaccination on the population. This is not for the tourism sector, but the pharmaceutical companies benefit and the elites further control of the population. This will create a three tiered society - the vaccinated, the unvaccinated, and the elite who will not be taking the same vaccines as the general population. Are we going to have to show our papers to travel, enter a supermarket/pub/etc? Do we really want to behave like Nazis and treat whole groups of people differently?
Nearly everyone I know and their children will not be taking the vaccine. Only 5% of French population vaccinated. Much respect to the French people. Portugal is becoming a less desirable country as time goes by. Dividing society will not help tourism.

By Michael Wayne Knight from UK on 17-03-2021 01:33
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