I approached work as a film, "said Skogland, at a conference for international media, who made the six episodes of the new series." We were making a six-hour film and we just decided where to cut it. " The visual aspect and the action scenes are, therefore, as cinematic as the films that preceded the series, which is located right after the events shown in "Avengers: Endgame". "We really wanted to prove that just because it’s on television doesn’t mean it can’t be as big as it would be as a movie and that we worked just as hard and put our blood, sweat and tears into it," said Marvel’s executive producer and president Studios, Kevin Feige.

This is the second Marvel series for the Disney + platform, after "WandaVision" has been well received by fans and critics. It follows the unlikely partnership between Falcão, Sam Wilson (played by Anthony Mackie) and Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes (played by Sebastian Stan), after Steve Rogers (Captain America) left Wilson his shield. "Our aim was not to screw this up," said Anthony Mackie, at the press conference. "We didn't want to be the first Marvel project to fail, our job was to take the torch and not do a bad show." The mission, he said, was successful.

Official Trailer | The Falcon and the Winter Soldier | Disney+

According to Mackie, who has played Falcon since 2014 in the Marvel universe films, filming the series required the same preparation as the films, with a lot of training for acrobatics and fight scenes with the same trainers. But Mackie stressed that it will now be possible to better explore the story of Sam Wilson, his family and his evolution: "We are at a point where we want the audience to know and learn about these new characters. We have to put ourselves in this position where we introduce the characters to the audience and we give them this relationship, this story built over ten years ". The series' main screenwriter, Malcom Spellman, said that the fact that this is a different medium gave the opportunity to work the characters differently. "The films have a compressed duration and immediate action, they move towards an event," he said. "A series allows for a horizontal narrative and the rhythm is completely different, the characters can make friends, discuss, evolve in a very different way".

The approach to the characters 'character and their internal struggles is visible from the first episode, with the exploration of Bucky Barnes' "search for identity" and "acceptance of the past", described Sebastian Stan. "The whole issue of post-traumatic stress and the experience they share as soldiers is one of the things that brings them together," said the actor. "There is a kind of code of honor between them here, although they have different ideas and opinions about things." Stan explained that post-traumatic stress disorder is not something that goes away and is gone: "It is something that a person has to continue to evolve and improve the way they deal with it. So it is an important part of the series. and founds these two characters in a very realistic way ".

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige stressed that the incredible Marvel characters are in their flaws, which set their feet on the ground in a sci-fi and supernatural setting. "This is always the most important anchor for any story that we are going to tell," he said. "There have been many traumas for these characters over the years and it is easy to forget that or sweep under the carpet, because there are bright portals opening and people applauding and Iron Man punching a flying lizard", he exemplified. "But we thought, and if we were these characters, if we lived this, there would have been horrible elements with repercussions for years". That, he said, is what the series allows you to explore. Feige also said that Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are so important that changes or developments in them "should have a big impact" in the Marvel cinematic universe.

In addition to the protagonists, the series features Wyatt Russell in the role of John Walker, Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter and Daniel Brühl as Zemo. There are 10 Marvel series planned for Disney + and the events in them will be coordinated with the films from the Marvel universe. After "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier", the next to debut will be "Loki", on 11 June.