Brits visiting Algarve could require negative test on return

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British tourists travelling to the Algarve may be required to present a negative test on their return home.

According to newspaper Correio da Manhã, the measure will be implemented after Portugal's removal from the 'red list' of countries whose travellers are subject to quarantine in hotels in the United Kingdom [… and after the UK comes out of lockdown].

The British Government’s decision is said to be seen as a "positive step" by Algarve hoteliers; Elidérico Viegas, head of the Algarve’s largest hotel association AHETA, said Portugal will have to create a system that “allows tourists to carry out Covid-19 tests before returning home”.

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To Gustav - if we come in Jun or Aug as per booked flights we will be fully vaccinated and will adhere to every safety rule in Algarve-as for loss of temporary profit - what planet are you on- the unemployment level will double especially the younger workers and have no doubt HUNDREDS of restaurants and cafes and other hospitality venues will go under NEVER to reopen- so yes I want Algarve to stay safe not just for people to stay in their very lucky ' im alright Jack" bubbles!!!!

By Tony Foxwelk from UK on 21-03-2021 11:16

The Portuguese people will be safe when they are vaccinated, not when the tourists are vaccinated. The authorities seem happy to kill a few Portuguese for short term profit.

By Alan Harris from Algarve on 20-03-2021 08:57

Having complied with all the lockdown regulations and weekend curfews, having willingly seen the bigger picture, I do NOT want our freedoms further curtailed because of tourists entering Portugal.
Let Portugal and the Portuguese recover from this last year and permit freedom of travel WITHIN Portugal.
Keep our beloved Portugal free from outside importation of Covid-19.
The same I think should apply to other European countries. And UK.
The economy needs to recover, and further lockdowns will hinder this.
Next year international tourism could be back on the menu.

By Jane Linda Bovey from Algarve on 20-03-2021 08:57

It would be safer for all in Portugal to have had there vaccination before opening up to tourists, lives are more important, than money

By Stephanie from Algarve on 20-03-2021 08:44

The people living at the Algarve had a very restricted life for couple of months because of the they have overcome the main part of the crisis and need to keep up this level... so not to be reinfected must be an obligation for tourists to show a PCR test certificate or a vaccine passport at the airports and borders to enter Portugal. There is a very high risk to get back the virus or even worse a new mutation...the vaccination at the Algarve is not progressing very well and so the people are not having this kind of protection yet. Up to now there is no scientific prouve whether vaccinated people are still carrying the virus and also spreading it...not at all a safe situation...sanitary rules?? might be very difficult to get them controlled within masses of tourists...who will control this? It is only a question of 1-2 weeks when the virus is fighting back...and the Algarve will be back to it's 3rd lockdown. It is wiser and more secure to wait until the beginning of May to allow tourists to enjoy again the Algarve...much safer for everybody!
It shouldn't be all about money!!!

By Dick from Algarve on 19-03-2021 10:56

Test before returning ???

But no restriction of coming to Portugal.
So Strange. We need to protect Portugals low level that we have now.
Do not open up for tourism yet.

The life and health of people is much more important than temporary profit

By Gustav from Algarve on 18-03-2021 07:47

After all we have endured in the last year, I would feel much safer if ALL tourists to Algarve had to present a vaccine passport before embarking.

By Ian from Algarve on 18-03-2021 05:56
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