Portugal with worst car sales in Europe

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Portugal led the slump of car sales in Europe, as the number of new vehicles leaving showroom floors last month shrunk by 59 percent.

This figure is three times higher than the average of fellow European markets, and came as dealerships here were forced to shut their doors due to restrictions imposed due to a surge in coronavirus cases.

Manufacturers here reported 8,300 new car sales in February, down from the more than 20,000 keys handed over to customers 12 months ago immediately before the onset of the pandemic.

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I agree with David Belton.

By Hassan Raza Cheema from Lisbon on 21-03-2021 04:40

The EU target of banning by year 2030 all sales of new electric and diesel powered cars should be accompanied by higher taxes on these fuels to be paid by those who continue to own such vehicles . The change to electricity and the provision of higher quality public transport is essential in the battle against the increasingreenhouse emissions.

By Roberto Cavaleiro from Other on 20-03-2021 01:17


By PRINCE AWODIKE from Lisbon on 20-03-2021 12:24

Far to much taxes here.this will never change.
Import taxes on cars is the same.
They will never meet the targets for electric cars for the same reason
Wonderful country, rubbish taxes.

By Tony Coe from Beiras on 19-03-2021 07:29

I cannot afford a new or even second hand car here. How is Portugal allowed to get away it's taxation policy? Paying a fine issued by the EU each year ireveals the corruption. Most people who live in Portugal are not wealthy. It's disgraceful.

By Anne Waltham from Other on 19-03-2021 03:32

Who need's an Automobile in Portugal...I simply get a taxi or take the train First Class...Who wants to pay Tolls, Gas And Maintenance and etc...Keep the Jingle in Your Pocket...

By Sakamoto Saurez from Lisbon on 18-03-2021 08:42

I agree with David.
I wanted to buy a Mercedes 220 it was was pricred at €95,000. This was six thousand less than the price I paid for my apartment.
Poor public transport net work stops mobilty of people who cannot get jobs in other cities and cannot move due to a very low minimum salary.
Needless to say that i did not by the car. The taxes that the Government could have made was lost along with the profit of the Motor trader on which he/she would have paid income taxes.

By shakeel mukhtar ahmad from UK on 18-03-2021 04:30

Portugal would sell more new cars if the taxes were reduced

By David Belton from Other on 18-03-2021 02:04
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