Sweden wants to tax pensioners in Portugal

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Swedish Parliament is set to vote on unilaterally ending an agreement with Portugal to not tax citizens receiving their pensioners here

Following in the footsteps of Finland in 2018, Stockholm now also wants to see its expat pensioners in Portugal taxed as they would be in their home countries.

Portugal recently changed its non-habitual resident regime to enforce a blanket ten percent tax on foreign pensions, but Sweden argues this is inadequate and not in accordance with an agreement signed with Lisbon in 2019.

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The Swedish must be taxed much more they are not investing in Portugal they are destroying Portuguese comunities.

By Michael Evans from Algarve on 07-05-2021 08:40

Portuguese comment on Finland breaking the agreement - Finland got what Finland wanted. In that sense I understand Portuguese, why to sign with someone who may break it again at will. On the other hand, why Portugal then spend their time to renegotiate not to sign?

By Seppo from Algarve on 01-04-2021 07:50

Where is the European union principle of harmony and synergy among the member countries? If countries continue with this attitude, the EU will never become a strong union.
We will go back to the dark ages.

By Antonio from Other on 23-03-2021 03:33

Hte problemis that Portugal has not approved the agreement signed with Lisbon in 2019. They have done what the agreement says. But teh agreement is not approved by the Portuguese parlament. If that was done, we would have a better situation. And avoid Swedish taxation during 2022

By Gustav from Algarve on 23-03-2021 01:06

Seems Portugal does not honor the new negotiated tax treaty in 2018 with Finland. Not ratified as of March 2021. Will it ever?

By Jan from Other on 23-03-2021 11:23
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