The proposal presented to the Legislative Assembly by the Regional Government, of the PSD / CDS-PP coalition, was approved by the majority. The Animal Ombudsman is appointed, on a proposal from the Vice-Presidency, on the Government Council, has a term of five years, renewable for another five, and enjoys a remuneration equivalent to that of a Finance inspector.

The proposal along the same lines as the PCP, which indicated that the Ombudsman was elected by 2/3 of the deputies in office in the Legislative Assembly, had a four-year term and was unpaid, was rejected by PSD and CDS and had the support of the PS , JPP and PCP. The parliament also unanimously voted the draft PSD resolution that recommends the resumption of certification activities for lifeguards by the Institute of Aid to Castaways and equal treatment in access to training.

The plenary also debated the proposal for the first amendment to the regional legislative decree that establishes the rules and procedures to be adopted by the Health Service of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (SESARAM) in the context of the process of unfreezing the careers of senior technicians in the areas of diagnosis and therapeutics, which had the unanimous support of the parties with seats in the regional parliament. "This change corrects minor injustices that have been established between senior diagnostic and therapeutic technicians with a longer career than those who had a shorter career," explained the regional secretary for Health and Civil Protection.

Pedro Ramos also said that it came "to establish the thawing of careers according to the new remuneration regime and to cover not only the technicians of SESARAM, but also in the area of ​​Education and Social". "In total, there are 378 professionals who see their situation regularized," he said. ALM also debated a draft resolution of the PS regarding the "study, evaluation and monitoring of the implementation of 'tablets' in teaching", as a means of "innovating and developing new pedagogical practices inside and outside the classroom", a diploma that was approved with the abstention of PSD and CDS and favorable votes from PS, JPP and PCP.

In the period before the agenda, the deputy of the PS Sérgio Gonçalves again defended that the companies in the region need non-refundable support to face the treasury problems caused by the pandemic and that the Recovery and Resilience Plan should not be focused only in Public Administration, but also address business activity. Bruno Melim, of the PSD, announced that the party had handed over the Statute of the Student Islander to the Assembly for discussion, when addressing the National Student Day.