More flights to Portugal from Ryanair

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Then low cost Irish airline has announced 26 new routes for this summer, including to Portugal as the airline bets on British tourists being able to travel.

Chief executive of the airline, Michael O’Leary, told press that the company has seen a surge in bookings for summer holidays in Europe and expects to operate at around 80% of their usual summer capacity this year.

“I think it is very difficult to persuade the UK population to sit at home, or holiday at home when everybody’s been vaccinated,” he told reporters.

“We should be reasonably confident and optimistic,” he told Sky News.

“I think there’s a reasonable prospect, higher than 50%, of the UK families will be holidaying in June, July and August, in theory, in Spain, Greece and Portugal as normal.”

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Hello, I'm from portugal. I want to travel from portugal to uk with my husband. My husband is portuguese and i have a article 10 family permit card. I would like to know that can i travel with my husband without visa?

By Shusila Dhungana from Porto on 15-04-2021 06:15

Hi there, why don't yous start to fly from Belfast to Lisbon , just Faro?... we have to make all the way to Dublin to get a flight to Lisbon, that doesn't make to much sense, even because Lisbon have so many tourist attractions, lovely beaches that Northern Ireland community will love.

By Janica from Lisbon on 27-03-2021 11:11

My husband is stranded in Spain just across the Border from Alcoutim I had to come back to U.K. end of December for hospital and dentist appointments so I’m stranded here in U.K. . Our second home is in Spain and I’m hoping to return there by mid May flying to Faro from Bournemouth fingers crossed for a Ryanair flight around that time ??

By Annie from UK on 26-03-2021 06:25

O Leary is a dammed fool we’ve lost over 120000 people in a year and all this greedy businesses man is interested in is making more money not a damn about putting people at risk. He should be fined heavily for this sort of nonsense if not imprisoned

By Philip Carty from UK on 26-03-2021 02:03

He won't fly from Cork the runway is being relaid during September/October but he's still selling seats for these months

By Don from Other on 26-03-2021 11:10

He is a crook, he just wants to take your money again, cancel the flights, then make you wait another year before giving it you back, why do people fall for the same scam over and over again. Don't fall for it people.

By Anthony from UK on 26-03-2021 07:43

Think of all the businesses who needs tourists. If you are scared of getting covid from tourists self isolate.

By Linda from Algarve on 26-03-2021 07:31

There is a 5,000 pound fine for holidaying from the uk. Secondly. Most of us in Portugal have not been vaccinated.

By Anne Waltham from Lisbon on 25-03-2021 06:45

For christs sake , open up the country and stop this disgusting covid19 hoax

By cheryl smallwood from Other on 25-03-2021 03:15

Is Madeira from Bournemouth included by any chance?

By Michael Hall from UK on 25-03-2021 01:54

Dos every uk citizen know they now need a visa to travel to Europe at £80 per person every 3 months plus 30.000 insurance plus a bank statement making sure you have enough of money to stay there for 3 months thanks to brexit

By Karl brown from UK on 25-03-2021 01:05

He doesn't care about killing the people of Portugal who won't have been vaccinated.

By Alan Harris from Algarve on 25-03-2021 11:39

I am interested with gooing to Portugal ,and I like to know the Airport's you be using here are you flying from Bournemouth Hurn Airport it's just ten minutes from my home town . Thanks for your help

By Michael Cutler from UK on 25-03-2021 10:03


By SAIFUL HASSAN from UK on 25-03-2021 10:00

I own a house in Tavira Portugal and l would like to make sure its OK. Can l travel asap

By Rose from UK on 25-03-2021 09:01

I have booked a flight for may,to the Algarve, but you are not traveling to Porto airport until u

By David Rose from UK on 25-03-2021 09:00

Hi there when will they be taking the pcr test off people wont be able to aford a test on top of there t

By Janet from UK on 25-03-2021 08:27

Just hoping your optimism lives up to your plans to deliver the flights I live in hope that my son and his partner will finally be able to have their wedding after 2020 cancelled their plans at the last minute.

By Vern from UK on 25-03-2021 06:51

Regarding portugal visit visa application acception, consulate reopening dates

By Syed Ghazi from Other on 25-03-2021 05:56

The man is a robber. Nothing is certain and he wants to take peoples money

By Malc from Algarve on 24-03-2021 07:41

Why dont Ryanair or Easyjet do a flight once a week starting NOW to get OAPs home before another lockdown in Europe.Why wait till June that's bloody ridiculous .

By Bobby S from Algarve on 24-03-2021 07:20
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