This meeting was announced today through a note on the official website of the Presidency of the Republic.

According to this note, "the President of the Republic had the opportunity to transmit information received in the meantime from the Portuguese embassy in Athens, realizing that the Greek Public Ministry, when pronouncing on the appeal concerning the preventive detention of Luís Marques, said that the detainee may be released on payment of a bond, while awaiting trial".

This information is considered "an important argument for the appeal, which will be decided by the competent court".

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa met "with the wife and son of Luís Marques, the Portuguese driver who has been preventively detained in Greece since last January 10th", in a meeting where "his legal representative was also present in Portugal ", reads in the text.

In the same note, it is said that Luís Marques' family "thanked the personal accompaniment that President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, from the first moment, gave to the case".

According to the newspaper O Minho, the truck driver from Celorico de Basto, in the Braga district, "since January 10 has been arrested in Greece after four illegal immigrants were detected in the truck he was driving", but "he claims to be innocent and did not know that the four individuals, three from Afghanistan and one from Iran, had entered the vehicle ".

"On January 10, he was picked up by the local authorities with four illegal immigrants inside the truck, as he prepared to get on a 'ferryboat' bound for Italy," reports this newspaper.