“Portugal does not deserve” a new lockdown

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The PSD party has defended that the process of easing lockdown can be “neither rushed nor negligent”, warning that the country “does not deserve nor can” be subjected to new a lockdown for “negligence and irresponsibility” from the government.

In her intervention in the debate on the renewal of the state of emergency, the deputy and vice-president of PSD Isaura Morais made an “appeal to the Portuguese to comply with the rules imposed on them”.

"As difficult as the country's social and economic situation presents itself, the Portuguese should be aware that only by making sacrifices can we win the fight against the pandemic and win our lives and our future again".

However, the deputy stressed that "the Government has a tremendous responsibility", alerting the executive to the dangers of "overconfidence" or "hasty decisions".

“The process of opening activities that is now beginning cannot be rushed or negligent. Let it be clear that, in the PSD's view, Portugal does not deserve and cannot be subjected to new confinement, again caused by the Government's negligence and irresponsibility”, she said.

In her speech, the PSD deputy also drew attention to the "excess mortality" not covered and the enormous waiting times for consultations and surgeries.

"The Government must, therefore, urgently respond to this problem of lack of access to health care, establishing concrete objectives for the recovery of lists and waiting times for consultations, surgeries and exams", she said.

The deputy also assured that while the assumptions of maintaining the state of emergency were verified, the PSD "will not fail to vote in favour of this request", considering that "any other position would contradict the defence of the national interest".

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How many of these politicians have missed a paycheque? How many of them are worried about mortgage / rent payments? How many of them have sleepless nights worrying about paying bills and feeding their families? How many of them have had to close their businesses down for good? They make me sick!

By SS from Algarve on 25-03-2021 11:46

What sacrifices are the politicians making? How much income have politicians lost since the start of the pandemic? Must be nice to sit atop the Ivory tower, speak to us like children and basically saying "let them eat cake".
These politicians are so disconnected from the people, it's sickening.

By Paula from Algarve on 25-03-2021 05:28
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